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Uno Pomodoro + Lessons from my Journey to the Dark Side


The recording of this session is available on YouTube

Uno Pomodoro

Peter Bull will be joining us first for a short talk about Uno Platform.

Lessons from my Journey to the Dark Side

Before a project happens, somebody has to pay for it. Usually that involves a sale. In this talk I'll be talking about what I have learned in my journey from software development to consultancy and sales. Firstly we'll consider and then demolish some stereotypes, talk about why sales is important to technical people and emphasise why everyone is a sales person sometimes before finally talking about dealing with customers.

Dylan Hayes

I am a Microsoft 365 Consultant working at Blacklight Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Wakefield near Leeds. I'm also one of the organisers of the 'Microsoft 365 North' user group. I came to the information technology profession via an long and interesting road, which left me with an abiding passion for solving business problems with technology. Along the way I’ve worked with a lot of different technologies but right now I spend my days applying Microsoft platforms to customer challenges. When I’m not at work I enjoy being outdoors, and running long distances across wild places.