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Steps and Value in Change-Harvesting

This week we are delighted to host Mike (GeePaw) Hill talking to us about change.

Change-harvesters say we can change systems most effectively when both the content and the approach of our change is human, local, oriented, taken, and iterative. We can apply these ideas to any change we undertake, but they're especially relevant when we're changing code. The most common answer a change-harvester will give to the question, "How can I get more value faster?" is this: "Take many more significantly smaller steps." In this talk, we'll see why that recommendation is so effective.

GeePaw Hill

GeePaw Hill is a coach – a professional harvester of the value of change -- in the software development industry. A geek for forty years, he's spent the last two decades helping individuals, teams, and organizations take steps to become closer to who or how they wish to be. As a speaker at conferences around the world, he is known for his mixture of warm insight and comical irreverence. Check him out here: