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Smart Notes for Developers

Sam Hogarth


The recording of this session is available on YouTube

We're back from our long winter rest and pleased to have Sam Hogarth with us for our first event of 2023!

Developers have a lot to keep track of: technical details, domain concepts and the ever-shifting waves in our industry.

We can't keep this stuff purely in our heads. Yet we need access to our information at the speed of thought: just in time.

As knowledge workers our most valuable asset is our knowledge. Our effectiveness is driven by our ability to apply this knowledge.

So let's talk about taking smart notes, a suite of techniques to compound your thinking and get things done.

In this session we will cover:

  • How to take effective notes
  • How to organise your knowledge, organically and by actionability
  • What tools exist in this space (we have come a long way since Notepad!)
  • Building up a graph of knowledge through links
  • Curating your own integrated thinking environment