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Science Behind the Newly Spotted Lync

Join North East Bytes for our fourth event of 2013. Following on from the great events that we've had over the last two years, we've lined up another great event for your benefit. We are really pleased to welcome Friend of NEBytes, Gary Short from Gibraltar Software and our very own Ben Lee.

Everything You Need To Know To Be a Data Scientist

Well maybe not everything, but everything that we can fit into an hour. But first, why should you be interested? Simple, it’s the next big thing. In 2011 the number of people working in the field doubled, and that’s during a global recession!

Data Science lives at the intersection of data analysis, programming and visualization and in this hour long presentation we’ll take a look at some of the tools used by practitioners to take raw data and turn it into a story that everyone can understand. Well cover such topics as statistics, computational linguistics, text mining and network analysis as well as the web scale technologies such as Hadoop and Pig. By the end of this session you will have a firm understanding of what it takes to be a data scientist.

Gary Short

MVP for C# - - joined the army upon leaving school and was put on stores duty, where he was responsible for handing out the camouflage paint for trucks and tanks. As the distinctive patterned paint only came it two sizes, small for trucks and large for tanks, he soon grew tired of this work and became a hit man for Chipperfield's Circus. His mission was to track down competing circuses around the world and to kill them. This was very dangerous work as it is hard to kill a Circus, the best way being to always go for the juggler. Seeing there was no future in this Gary then drifted into programming where he pretends to know a lot about Patterns & Practices and he intends to stay in this profession until found out.

Lync 2013 with Ben Lee

Microsoft has been pushing hard into the telephony space with its Unified Communications platform Lync. At the end of last year the next generation of Microsoft server products was released with its 2013 launch wave. Lync was one of the products updated along with SharePoint, Exchange and Office.

In this session Ben will provide an overview and update on Lync 2013 covering some of the significant changes that have been made since 2010.


The event will be hosted in Room 1.02 of Claremont Tower at Newcastle University. For a detailed campus map -

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