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PS Teams and SharePoint Framework

PowerShell & Microsoft Teams - Slack who?!

Brett will give a brief overview of Microsoft Teams before looking at the Teams PowerShell module for administering MS Teams, adding users, groups etc. Then he'll show how to send notifications to a channel using PowerShell and webhooks. Finally he will introduce PoshBot – a bot written in Powershell Classes which executes functions or cmdlets from PowerShell modules in Teams/Slack.

Brett Miller

Live Services Engineer @ Sage, automating business processes, software builds and releases in Azure & Azure DevOps. Passionate about automation and actively involved with the PowerShell community.

5 Tips for Delivering Awesome SPFx Solutions

SharePoint Framework development brings a shift in the way that projects are built and delivered when compared to traditional SharePoint development. This talk will explain and demo tips to help improve how you build and deliver SPFx projects. Covering coding tips, packaging, code reuse patterns, continuous integration and Continuous Deployment with Azure DevOps. As SPFx is built using modern web development frameworks such as TypeScript, React and NPM. The majority of the tips could be applied to any modern client side web development approach.

Simon Doy

Lead evangelist at iThink SharePoint, and has been working exclusively with Microsoft technology since 2006. He is well known in the community circuit, and a regular speaker at user group events.