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Production Quality MS Flow

Tools for Power users who want to build no-code solutions offer real value to business who want to build useful business applications without the need for hardcore developers. But don't be fooled by the marketing, demonstrators or "so simple your Mum could do it" claims some would have you believe; in the real world things are more complex and production quality Flows and business solutions need to be developed for that real world.

Everyone involved needs a realistic understanding of what that does to the development effort, irrespective of whether it is a professional developer or an engaged power user. This session will look at rebuilding a Microsoft Flow to automatically tag images, while doing some cool things using Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft Flow and SharePoint.

Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson is an entrepreneur and health sector specialist. He formed Cloud2 in 2008 following a rich career in the international medical device industry and the IT industry. Simon’s background encompasses quality assurance, medical device development, international training, business intelligence and international marketing and health related information and technology.