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Office 365 The Digital Workplace

We're back in April for two sessions after another hiatus in March. We're back on track now and we'll be monthly going forward. So hope to see you all on the 19th.

In May we're planning on having a Lightning Talks session - 20 minutes to talk about anything you want. We're aiming to have as diverse a collection of talks as we possibly can. So if you want to talk about anything at all drop us a line on We have a license for a any single JetBrains Toolbox product of your choice from among all of their IDEs and .NET Tools for the best talk (as voted on by the attendees). So get your thinking caps on and come along and talk!

But onto this month...

Office 365: The Digital Workplace

We are welcoming Tony Hughes from the well known I.T. consultancy firm TSG to enlighten us with information about Office 365 and the Digital Workplace.

Office 365 – The Digital Workplace Presentation on how organisations large and small can utilise Office 365 as the foundation for a modern Digital Workplace, after all it much more than Email in the Cloud and the latest versions of Office. • Microsoft Teams – It’s so much more than Chat • Microsoft Planner – Task Management and Planning • Office Groups – The foundation for collaboration • Yammer – Is this now all I need for my Intranet, or do I even need one • PowerApps and Flow – Forms and Workflow for the masses • Security and Compliance – Your safe in their hands.

Tony has an extensive background in the industry, and some of you would have heard him speak before, so please invite your friends and colleagues to what will be an enlightening session.