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O365 Compliance and Intro to Go

Heading into the summer, hot on the heals of June's DevOps fest we're mixing it up a bit with one MS talk and one Google talk...

Considering Compliance in Office 365 - John Timney

This session provides a top down view of the Office 365 Compliance Center, delivered by veteran Office Server and Services MVP John Timney. A business and operations focused session describing why we need to understand the key aspects of this service around archiving and retention, e-discovery, advanced e-discovery and audit. The session considers not only the features in Office 365, but the issue of legality, EU Compliance and the EU-US Privacy Shield, data sovereignty and the possible impact of Brexit on service owners. If you work in a regulated industry and are considering or have already adopted Office 365 and Azure then this is a must see session to ready you for a compliant business.

Introdution to Go - Jon Bulmer

The Go programming language was invented by Alan A A Donovan and Brian W Kernighan in 2007. It is Google's project, intended to offer speed and dynamic development. Now at version 1.6 it is a fairly new language and this can show at times. It works best in web service and network environments.

I will start with a look at the tutorials on the golang site. . This is an amazing site that gets you up to speed with the language, writing your code directly into the web browser with syntax and compiler help. As you work through the tutorials and do the exercises, you gain confidence. I will finish this section of the talk by completing the Fibonacci closure exercise.

Then I will move onto the Latte Panda. This is a fully functional 2G/32GB Windows 10 PC, built on a card with USB, HTMI and Ethernet connection. It also includes a wifi card. All this for $109 my unit is in a cool bamboo case. I have installed the Go compiler on it and will demonstrate a web service running on it written with Go.

We'll be in Campus North, most likely the classroom but the final venue is still to be confirmed.

See folks soon!