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Kaizala - Living the mobile-first dream

Kaizala - Living the mobile-first dream

Most organisations have large numbers of staff and contractors who work outside the traditional office. Even in our mobile-driven world, reaching these people is a struggle for traditional IT systems. Kaizala aims to change this by putting information into the phones of front line workers, in a way that is mobile-first not a mobile-enabled version of desktop software. This talk will introduce Kaizala, and its place within Microsoft 365, how to customise the product and incorporate it into existing business processes. Along the way, we'll be doing demos which will inspire others to start using it to solve their own business problems.

Securing your plans for World Domination with Office 365

In this talk, we're going to look at information security in Office 365 in a fictional case study for an evil supervillain. Just like everybody else, supervillains need to communicate with staff, collaborate with people outside their organisation, and stop information falling into the wrong hands.