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How to Stop Testing and Break Your Code Base


The recording of this session is available on YouTube

Do you code on your own? When you do, do you write unit tests? Do you agree that there are benefits to using test-driven development?

My testing strategy was getting lax on a small personal coding project. I stopped testing for bad reasons, but started again for good ones. The experience allows me to demonstrate in practice the impact it can have on your code base when you don’t test, and also when you do. This talk, based on simple practical examples, will explain exactly why unit tests, a TDD approach and pairing can make all the difference to your code.

Clare Sudbery

Clare Sudbery is a lead engineer with Made Tech, and a maths graduate with 21 years of software experience. She is particularly interested in teaching and mentoring.

In 2009 she abandoned IT to retrain as a high school maths teacher... but quickly returned to software, gaining a new lease of life via Extreme Programming. She now helps to run Made Tech’s academy programme, helping a diverse set of inexperienced engineers to learn on the job.

Clare hosts the acclaimed Making Tech Better podcast (, and publishes notes and scribbles at, and