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In this two part session Microsoft MVP John Timney will take you through the stages required to satisfy GDPR mandatory Article 25, covering Data Protection By Design and Default. Critical concern areas for today’s IT Pro, Security specialists, System implementation workers, I.T Directors, CTO’s, DPOs, Developers and process jockeys.

You will be introduced the seven areas of consideration for protecting your services from breach, and ensuring you can prove compliance with the mandates of this critical area of GDPR for anyone producing, or consuming software and services in a world driven by IoT and rapidly evolving legislation around data protection.

In the first 45 minute session we will cover:

  • Training; the most important topics, why, how to do this, and which tools we might use.
  • Requirements; describing the measures needed to ensure data protection and security.
  • Design; considering how we divide requirements into data oriented and process oriented design requirements.

The second 45 minute session will discuss;

  • Coding; underlining the importance of developers using approved tools and frameworks.
  • Testing; is about adding TESTS to check that data protection and ensuring security requirements are implemented properly.
  • Release processing; considering incident response plans.
  • and finally the considerations for Maintenance; The need to plan for and respond to incidents, personal data breaches, faults and attacks.

We will consider aspects of the The Microsoft Software Development Lifecycles 7 principles, and look at topics like Azure Security playbooks and aspects of a data protection impact assessment. A must attend session for anyone worried about GDPR compliance.

Debate is welcomed, and expected. Come prepared to take notes – you will need them.