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Distributed Application Runtime

GitHub, Azure DevOps, so much confusion… or maybe not?

We live in a fast-paced industry. Today we get a brilliant new feature for Azure DevOps, the day after a new GitHub Actions enhancement comes out. Why two platforms? What’s the need?

Is it confusing? Perhaps – I was in a situation where I had to deal with both, let’s try to shed some light on how to get the best of these two!

Matteo Emili


Distributed Application Runtime

Many teams modernising legacy applications or writing new one aspire to build a microservice application that can be written using any language, any framework yet works together and run anywhere.

Designing such distributed systems is not easy and on top of that, there are too many choices and decisions to make leaving too little to do what is really important (business logic!).

This is where a developer-centric open-source framework called Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) shines. It focuses on providing building blocks that make it easier for developers to build portable applications with the language and framework of your choice.

In this talk, we will look at Dapr and how it can help you build resilient, stateless and stateful microservice applications.

Kunal Babre

Azure and Kubernetes certified experienced Cloud Architect, with a passion for building robust cloud architecture. At Microsoft, I work with our most strategic customers to spearhead their journey into the Cloud.