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Datacentre Migration Success

Sarah Lean

Continuing with our virtual sessions, this week we are excited to host Sarah Lean, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft.

Moving your workloads to Azure can seem like a large project to undertake, there are key milestones and points through the project that are key to success. In this session, I share tips on how to make sure you address those milestones and share practical experience of a datacentre migration.

About Sarah

"I am Sarah Lean, and I've worked in IT for over 14 years including service provider, manufacturing, Scotch Whisky and local authority industries. I've served my time resetting passwords and triaging support calls, maintaining platforms, building infrastructure, migrating end of life systems and migrating data centers. I've been a subject matter expert in various solutions through my career including Microsoft Exchange, System center Configuration Manager and Patch Management, to name a few.

"I am a STEM Ambassador and am hopeful that by sharing my story with the next generation it can help to inspire them into a STEM career. I am also the founder of the Glasgow Azure User Group, which is a community group that meets every two months and aims to bring together people who are looking to learn and network with their peers.

My passion is technology, and I love to help people understand what it can do to help them. I consider myself a life long learner and love to share my passion for learning with others."

Here website is and she is @TechieLass on twitter.