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Automating Postman and Microsoft AI


The recording of this session is available on YouTube

We have two speakers this month on two different topics.

How to move from Manual Testing to Automated Testing with Postman

In this session, we'll first go through what Postman is and see how it's commonly being used. Then we'll jump into some demos to see how it can be used for more than single endpoint testing and for most steps of the development lifecycle. We'll also look at the different integrations available (from GitHub, to Azure API Management, to Datadog etc.).

Unfortunately, our original speaker, Arlemi is not available but Ian has stepped in to take this place.

Ian Douglas

I am a long-time open-source developer, educator, manager and mentor. I encourage everyone around me to share their collective knowledge, and am a strong champion of diversity in the tech industry. When I'm not working, I'm live-streaming about career advancement and interview preparation, tinkering with 3D printing or IoT projects, or telling dad jokes on Twitter.

Microsoft & AI

Microsoft & AI discusses the latest innovations for how you can search with Microsoft Bing and what you can create with Microsoft Designer powered by AI and will show off some of the capabilities of these new innovations from Microsoft.

Peter Bull

Peter Bull is a software developer with over three decades of personal experience and over two decades of professional experience as a software developer, including working on a variety of platforms and has written tutorials and workshops on Peter also has a keen interest in all things Microsoft including their latest technologies and their older products such as the Zune digital music players going so far to write a digital coffee table book about them at!