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Approval Tests

Emily Bache

This month, we are really pleased to have Emily Bache dialling in for a virtual session on Approval Testing.

Many teams struggle with code they have inherited that has poor structure, lacks unit tests, and they feel afraid to change. Approval testing (also known as ‘Golden Master’ testing) is one of several techniques that’s often used to get this kind of code under control. The aim is to achieve high test coverage and high confidence with a minimum of test code to maintain afterwards.

In this session we'll demonstrate the technique and discuss how it compares with other styles of unit testing.

Emily Bache

Emily Bache is a Technical Agile Coach and long-term proponent of agile development practices like Test-Driven Development. Emily is a published author with Pluralsight and wrote “The Coding Dojo Handbook”. She is currently writing a follow-up book called “Technical Agile Coaching”. Emily regularly speaks at conferences such as Craft, Agile Testing Days, ACCU, Europython and NDC. She is originally from the UK but now lives in Sweden.